About the Owner

My name is Cameron Johnson. As the founder and creator of the Always =) brand, my main focus is to bring more joy and happiness to the world. Throughout my personal life’s journey, I’ve always been the type who wears my emotions on my sleeve – literally – and I’ve got the tattoos to prove it! One of my favorite tattoos that helped me get through some pretty tough times and reminded me to be happy, gave me an idea. What if people could let everyone know that they made a choice to live their life happy through something as simple as the clothing they wore? From that thought, Always =) was born.

Just like everyone else, I’ve experienced joy and sorrow and felt the emotions of loss and love. But through it all, I made a choice to be happy. I can tell you firsthand that it’s not always the easiest choice to make, which is why I’ve brought Always =) to the world to serve as a gentle nudge and subtle reminder for people to keep living happily through the good times and bad.

Thank you for believing in me and believing in my brand. And most of all, thank you for bringing joy to yourself and the world around you.